Blue Point Beach

South Bali does have a beautiful beach attractions with towering cliff characters, good waves and white sand. One of the beaches here is Suluban Beach located in Pecatu Village, Badung regency, one area location with Uluwatu tourist object so it is also called Uluwatu beach. But now, Suluban Beach more familiar with the name of Blue Point Beach because in this area in the hotel building Blue Point, maybe also because the tongue and ears of foreign tourists easier to say and hear. 

Suluban beach is located at the foot of the hill with high waves, white sand and has a beautiful panorama with its cliffs to be a paradise for surfing. Enjoy your Bali tour by watching the uniqueness and beauty Suluban beach, on this beach we can swim while playing the white sand beach between the cliffs, need careful because at any time waves will be crashed very strongly, if the tour with Children need more attention, because it can be dangerous for them. There is a restaurant where you relax while sunbathing, or just simply eliminate the thirst while enjoying the beautiful view of the beautiful sea. 

This tourist attraction in Bali is indeed more famous as the Blue Point Beach from the original name Suluban Beach, suluban own name is derived from the Balinese language is masulub which means walking past something on it, indeed if we visit the location of the parking we have to go down the cliff About 200 meters and through the tunnel (masulub), while the above is called pasuluban, and rocky cliffs that resemble the tunnel that suluban for everyone who want to go to the beach after arriving at the mouth of the tunnel we can choose directly to the beach or climb to the top of the cliff Through a wooden staircase to see the beach and blue sea views.


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