Rambut Siwi Temple

Rambut Siwi Temple is one of the largest Hindu temples in Bali. This temple is located in Yeh Embang Kangin Village, Mendoyo Sub-district, Jembrana District. From Denpasar, travel time to this temple is about 2 hours, while from the State is about 30 minutes. Siwi's hair is indeed a beautiful temple, situated on the edge of a cliff, with a vast Indian Ocean lying in front of it. 

The main temple is situated on a cliff top and is surrounded by a view of the Indian Ocean. In addition to praying, visitors can also enjoy the beautiful panorama of the vast and blue Indian Ocean. The atmosphere in this place is very calm and nice to restore our mind. In the vicinity of Rambut Siwi temple there are seven other temples. For visitors who come to worship, it is expected to follow a predetermined order. 

Usually people often mistakenly thought Pesanggrahan Temple is located on the side of the main road of Denpasar to Gilimanuk is Rambut Siwi Temple. However, it is actually still in Pura Siwi. If we are facing south from this Pesanggrahan Temple, there will be Pura Luhur Rambut Siwi with beautiful blue sea background. Pesanggrahan Temple is most often visited by riders who usually will go outside Bali through the port of Gilimanuk. 

On the way to Gilimanuk, after entering Jembrana County, you will find a temple on the left side. Here you will see most drivers stopping their vehicles in this place to pray for safety on the way. This is actually done also by people in other temples in Bali as in Goa Lawah Temple and Pura Pulaki. If you want to visit this temple, you need not hesitate. In addition to the cost to visit Pura Rambut Siwi quite cheap, enjoy the scenery and atmosphere in the temple is arguably a very good way to spend your holiday days in Bali. 

It would be very appropriate if you visit this temple at sunset. Because of its location on the high cliffs and facing the ocean, you will be able to see the beauty of a magnificent sunset. Panorama offered is quite similar to that in Uluwatu Temple. However, Rambut Siwi Temple is away from the crowd so it is quite convenient to visit. Of course this can be a good alternative if you are already somewhat saturated with the crowd that is in Pura Uluwatu. However, of course you must be willing to take a longer trip to enjoy the beauty and tranquility in this Rambut Siwi Temple.
Selain ramai dikunjungi umat Hindu yang bersembahyang, #PuraRambutSiwi juga kerap dikunjungi oleh wisatawan yang kebetulan melakukan perjalanan ke wilayah bali barat dan pulau Jawa. . Untuk berkeliling melihat keberadaan serta bangunan pura yang tersebar di kawasan ini, wisatawan diharuskan menggunakan busana sarung yang sudah disediakan. Pura Rambut Siwi seluas 3 hektar ini memiliki beberapa pura yang jumlahnya sembilan dalam satu kesatuan. . Di sini akan melihat banyak pura seperti Pura Penataran Rambut Siwi, Pura Goa Dasar, Pura Goa Tirta, Pura Melanting, Pura Dalem Ped, Pura Gading Wani, Pura Pesangrahan, Pura Luhur Rambut Siwi, dan Pura Taman Beji. . Sumber : travel.kompas.com indonesia360.net 10072017.9.2 . #indonesia360net #indonesia360 #jelajahPura #tempatIbadah #wowfakta #sejarah #budaya #wisatakeren #indah #ramadhan #indonesiakeren #travel #wisata #wisata #unik #akulturasibudaya #toleransi #cintatanahair #pesonaindonesia #kabarindonesia #faktaunik #beritaterkini #trendingtopic
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